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I am one half of design, web and animation studio iaminawe alongside my lovely wife Angella. Take a look at my motion and design work over at our soon to be released new site

I also work as a contract Drupal developer consulting on, building and theming responsive Drupal sites and systems.

I am an experienced, motivated & ambitious creative professional comfortable working across a range of various web, design & animation disciplines.

I am comfortable taking a project from concept stages through to final execution. I thrive on challenge and push myself to create high quality work at every level in every medium.

I am enthusiastic and passionate about the work I do and am happy working alone or as part of a team

I Like to

  • Architect, plan, design, build, deploy and optimize drupal websites.
  • Build iOS apps using Appcelerator Titanium
  • Create motion graphics & animation for broadcast, web and events.
  • Stay sharp, read books, watch training videos ask questions and learn new things.
  • Try new tools, techniques and ideas to be more productive & efficient.
  • To teach what I know and learn about what I don’t.



June 2001- Current

Owner, Developer, Animator

Iaminawe is the web development, design & animation studio I have run and created work for since 2000.

North Studio

October 2010 – February 2012

Senior Drupal Developer

I worked as a senior drupal developer, site builder and themer for northStudio handling a range of different scale drupal sites and systems.

Interactive Africa

January 2009- April 2010

Web Producer

I was responsible for conceptualizing,planning, building and managing the Design Indaba website. I was tasked with building a best of class site in Drupal and spent time researching and implementing these practices.

Mission Advertising, London

Oct 2000 – June 2001

Flash Animator/ Designer

I worked primarily in Flash and Dreamweaver creating animated web content and training CD-Roms for large shipping clients.

Teaching & Training

January 2000 – 2011

Since graduating I have taught design and animation skills and software on various occasions in various countries

  • 1999-2000 Mediatek, Durban, SA – DTP, Web Design & Video Production
  • 2000 French Woods Festival, New York, USA – Web Design & Animation to children
  • 2007 Friends of Design, Cape Town, SA – After Effects Basics course
  • 2010-2011 Q College, Victoria, Canada – Various Drupal related training for students
  • 2010-2011 northStudio, Victoria, Canada – Various Drupal related site and system training for clients


  • Online Learning I am motivated and am constantly learning new things from a range of online sources including a nice badge collection over at Treehouse and working on my programming over at Codecademy
  • 2008 – UCT Graduate School of Business "Business Acumen for Artists" course 
  • 1996-1999 – Mediatek Digital Graphic Design Diploma  Durban, South Africa

    • Traditional & digital graphic design, web design & video production
    • 2nd & 3rd Year Student of the Year
  • 1991-1996 – Durban High School ,South Africa – Matriculated with Exemption


I specialize in building robust, complex, attractive & responsive drupal sites & have developed an excellent knowledge of the various modules, themes & development practices required for doing so. I have experience working with and manipulating drupal to do a wide range of things and have particular interest in using it to build products and to power native mobile applications.

I have strong HTML/CSS/Jquery/Javascript skills and plenty of frontend theming experience and aim to produce clean, semantic, standards compliant code to allow for manipulating this output into something beautiful, responsive, useable, accessable and functional. Although primarily a front end developer ,I have an extensive knowledge of drupals modules eco-system and have built many Drupal sites from the ground up. My PHP/MYSQL knowledge is something I am actively working to improve and at this stage I am comfortable writing small custom glue modules, patching and manipulating existing modules and working with the database from the command line and with PHPmyadmin.

I prefer to work with Drupal but have also experience working with WordPress, OScommerce and other custom CMS

I enjoy exploring the bleeding edge of Drupal and am comfortable and have experience and interest using a range of drupal related technologies like Drush, Git, SVN, Features, Install profiles, Aegir, Drush make, Pressflow, Organic Groups, Drupal Apps, Domain Access, Omega, Display Suite, & Services. I have an ongoing and developing interest in Aegir for multi-site and Mercury for high performance/scaleable Drupal servers.

I am comfortable working on linux from the command line and am a competent enough systems administrator to be useful in server setup, troubleshooting, optimizing and maintenance.

I also have experience using Flash as well but now mostly use Jquery to accomplish similar objectives. I have an active ongoing interest in upgrading my skills and follow HTML5/CSS3 developments closely being a big fan of progressive enhancement and responsive design on the web. 

I also have an interest and some experience in i-phone/android development using the excellent Titanium API and in particular am interested in creating Drupal powered mobile applications.

I tend to be more technically minded but am a very creative individual who also enjoys designing, animating, illustrating, writing, drawing and appreciating good design, useability and creativity.

Presentations & Community

I am interested in further increasing my open source community contributions. Currently these consist of bug reporting in issue queues, contributing documentation, presentations at user groups and conferences and just general spreading drupal as a web solution.

  • 2007 – I presented a workshop for museum designers – Multimedia Museums – Cape Town 
  • 2010 – I attended and presented a case study in the last 20 mins of the Appify Drupal at Drupalcamp Alberta 
  • 2010 – I attended and presented a session at the Pacific Northwest Summit in Vancouver
  • 2011 –  I attended Pacific Northwest Summit in Portland
  • 2012 –  I attended Drupalcon in Denver

I have also been actively involved in the Animation South Africa non-profit organisation and developed and voluntarily maintain their community website at since 2008. I was on the board of this organisation for a few years and support their efforts to grow animation in Southern Africa.


I live and work in Victoria, British Columbia. I am originally from Durban, South Africa
When I am not working I love to spend time with my wife and 2 daughters Autumn & Aurora.

I also enjoy the following stuff

  • Skate, Surf or Snowboard at every available opportunity
  • Reading books on technology, business, startups and entrepreneurship
  • Travelling to see new places and meet new people

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